Kong Master

Kong MasterIn this game you play the character of Kong the Master Monkey, who is lost deep in the jungle, Kong must overcome various obstacles and enemies in order to find his way out. Will you help Kong escape?

In Kongs race to escape, you might just run into spiked turtles, attacking birds and fish throwing snails just to name a few. Be careful not to lose all of your lives or you will have to start back at the beginning of the world again. Rest assured tho you can always buy more lives and bullets before you run out, as long as you have enough coins for the purchase. If you do not have enough coins, you can always watch a video to receive a coin bonus.

How To Play:
– Start by choosing your world
– Next you need to select your level
– Now use the Left, Right, and Up arrows to move
– Tap “A” to throw an orange or tap “B” to use your club

– Many levels and more levels coming soon
– Changeable characters
– Awesome graphics and music
– Collect Coins in game for health and bullets

Active Development
Please note, while Kong Master if fully ready for you to master, we are actively working on and planning new features, levels, characters and much more.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated, we regularly read all of your feedback and requests. If you have any issues at all or requests, we would love to hear them. If something in the game is no longer working, please email us before leaving a review, usually we can fix the issue fast once we know about it.

Thank you for choosing Kong Master and don’t forget to rate the game and like our Facebook page for current updates.



Post Author: Golden Ninja Studios