FOR SALE: Bullet Train Subway Drive

Bullet Train Subway Drive

Welcome to Bullet Train Subway Drive, have you ever dreamed of being a train driver in your childhood? Discover for yourself what it’s like to be a real train driver. Bullet Train Subway Drive will let you drive locomotives carrying passengers from one station to their desired destination. Hop on and become the locomotive driver of this amazing train simulator game.






Included in the sale:

  • Source Code
  • Ad Id’s changed to your own and updated on the play store
  • Free transfer to your google developer account


Not included in the sale: (as we currently don’t have time due to other projects)

  • Source Code modification including
    • Reskin
    • New Icons
    • rewrite descriptions
    • Add new levels
    • Change challanges
    • Change/Add player(s)/scenes

*The above items can easily be hired out to someone on or


Please contact us if interested



Post Author: Golden Ninja Studios